Rick Rosen has been a professional photographer for over thirty years."It's my hobby, my profession, the subject that I teach to students and my artistic passion." He began taking photographs and printing in his own darkroom at the age of 10. Later in his career, Mr. Rosen was asked by renowned photographer Ansel Adams to teach at his workshops in Yosemite where, by observing this master, he was also able to refine his own skills in photography, composition and lighting. "The thing I cherish most from my time with Ansel," he adds,"was discovering ways to capture the beauty of nature as it unfolds rather than trying to control it."

Mr. Rosen combines all of these experiences to create a very personal style of wedding photography; his images express an artistic sensitivity to his subjects.
He is a silent observer of the wedding as it unfolds. Never prompting but always ready to capture the natural emotions and beauty of the day. Typically, 800-1200 images are recorded and with miniml editing are all presented to his clients. He shoots in continuity and as one groom, a Hollywood filmmaker, so aptly explained it, he shoots a movie in still images. Then rather than the typical album with 12-24 8x10 posed static photos and a few candids put in, his albums include 100-200 emotion-filled images which follow the flow of the story. Each album he creates is by his own hands and is a work of art. Because no weddings are ever alike, every album is custom designed and unique and his images will provide a lifetime of treasured memories. "I don't create cookie-cutter style wedding albums, I create treasured family heirlooms", he states.
"I did not choose this style of wedding photography, it chose me. I simply feel that the emotion and honesty that comes through in these images makes it the best way to record this event in people's lives." He adds "Why alter the wonderful emotions of that special day by posing and controlling the participants? Why pose the couple "lovingly" when there is so much real love surrounding them naturally? I photographed in this style long before I knew there was a name for it. It just made sense".
Rick continues to mentor other photographers through online forums and other activities and has been called upon to teach and lecture internationally.