If you are already familiar with FotoMagico3 and want to know what is new in FotoMagico4.


1.  LAYERS - Easily work with multiple images, videos, titles, etc. per slide.  Each layer can be animated independently, picture-in-picture effects, videos on top of stills.

  1. 2. TIMELINE MODE -  Precisely adjust the duration and transitions of slides.  Easily interface with storyboard view.

  2. 3. WAVEFORM AUDIO - Sync slides and music, adjust volume precisely.

  3. 4. TEMPLATES - Re-use your slideshow layout with animations, etc.

  4. 5. RETINA INTERFACE - Even more vibrant slideshows on the news stunning retina display.

  5. 6. COLLAPSIBLE TRACKS - Your slideshow can be divided into chapters and those chapters can be collapsed when not needed.  This is particularly useful with long slideshows and small notebook screens.

  6. 7. PREVIOUS FEATURES - All the features of previous versions of FotoMagico carry over into FotoMagico4.  Features like multiple audio tracks for mixing and adding narration, editing images, instant slideshow assistant, adding video tracks and much more.



Get up and running with FotoMagico4 and learn many creative techniques with these tutorials.

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