Rick Rosen

I discovered an interest in photography when I was ten.  I found a few of my father’s old cameras in the closet and investigated.  My father was a doctor but he loved photography.  As the oldest of seven children I remember him always taking home movies and still pictures of us kids.  In college my career evolved to professional photography and I started shooting new cars (I grew up in Detroit) while in college. 

Photography, more specifically black and white photography, became a passion and I set up my first darkroom in my parents fruit cellar in the basement when I was 12.  That passion has never left me.  While all my professional work has been digital for twenty years I am still drawn to black and white film.  My chosen formats in order of preference are 4x5, medium format and 8x10.  If you find me in the landscape I will probably be beneath a dark cloth behind a big camera or using my Rollei SL66 medium format system. 

I am basically a self-taught photographer.  My skills continued to advance by practice, reading and attending a few workshops.  Years later I became a technical specialist for a number of photographic companies, most recently was for Sinar view cameras and Broncolor lighting equipment.  I taught seminars for them nationally and also started teaching my own workshops which I continue today when time allows.

In 1974 on one of my seminar trips to Los Angeles I was fortunate to accompany a friend up to Yosemite and met Ansel Adams.  Long story short, he asked me to participate in his workshops as a mentor for the students that wanted to learn to use a 4x5 camera.  I did so until his death in 1984.

I moved my family to Los Angeles in 1978 and continued to teach at many other workshops and my seminars on large format and lighting.

Photographing Real Estate

My knowledge in lighting gives me an advantage when shooting interiors.  I also use an experienced image processor to finish my images by dropping in window details (no washed out windows!), pictures on a TV and fires in fireplaces, etc.  My turnaround time for real estate is less than 24 hours.  My fee is based on the size of the property, number of images requested and is competitive.

Today my commercial work is primarily for architects, developers and real estate.   I have been photographing for realtors for ten years.  Prior to that I shot images for architects.  With that experience I developed a skill in “reading” a home’s layout so my images would flow from room to room.

I am personable and always smiling.